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Self Cleaning Level Sensors

Why is Acoustic Wave a more reliable level measurement technology in the mining industry?

The mining environment is normally very tough and level measurement sensors are exposed to dust, condensation, snow, rain, wind, steam, foam etc 24-7 and are expected to work without any downtime. Acoustic Wave technology creates a "Self Cleaning" action by its own pressure waves and that has made sensors based on this technology very reliable for tough conditions.

Hawk has manufactured level measurement sensors for over 20 years. With a very long experience from the mining industry we know that some technologies will not work in certain conditions. Based on our knowledge we recommend low frequency "Self Cleaning" Acoustic Wave level measurement sensors for applications involving:

Dust Suppression Sprays
Slurry Splash
Sensor/Face/Cone Build-up

The low frequency Self Cleaning transducers create a massive acoustic wave that provides a self cleaning action, preventing build-up, resulting in a maintenance free level sensor! Many customers have told us that Hawk Self Cleaning sensors have worked with little or no cleaning or maintenance for between 10 and 20 years.

Hawk Sultan "Self Cleaning" Level Measurement Sensor Advantages:

Self Cleaning
No Build-Up
Less Maintenance
Reduced Blockages
Fewer Bogged Crushers
Reduced downtime caused by level sensor failure
Higher Productivity
Increased "Process/Operator Confidence"
24 month money back application guarantee

How does the self cleaning work? Click here to see a video.

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